We, the ESAP Stewards, would like to thank you for learning about the wonderful opportunities ESAP is providing for our children. It is an honor to tell you about ESAP.

The beauty of ESAP lies in its simplicity – to make Catholic education affordable for all families. The idea of ESAP came from George Hubert, Jr. our father. Dad was raised close to here in South Fairmount. His father started a Butcher Supply company, but like so many others, his poor family struggled financially.

Dad was the first son of a butcher, his mother fondly nicknamed him “Butch”. There were times when the family thought they were not going to make it, but help always found them. They received $2 a week from Catholic Charities to buy meat and St. Leo’s helped them pay for schooling.

Raised in a Catholic family, dad got a good education from the nuns at St. Leo’s and he truly felt he needed to attend that “big school on the hill” as he called it. His parents saw the value of a Catholic education, but felt that Elder’s education was financially out of their reach. Dad made the conscious decision in eighth grade to attend Elder High School even though it meant he had to pay for his own tuition. He willingly made this decision as he believed the Catholic education Elder provided was the best well-rounded education he could receive.

He worked every day after school and on weekends to help the family business as well as to pay for his high school education. He never regretted this, in fact Elder’s motto became his own personal credo – “What I had I gave, what I saved I lost.” Dad learned well the value of Catholic Education. He will tell you that he wasn’t the best student as he struggled with dyslexia, but the values he received through Catholic education shaped our father’s life and consequently our family’s as our parents raised us with the Christian values of working hard & giving back.

We can honestly say that our father is the most generous person we have ever met. And our mother is the epitome of unconditional love. The family business became a success story. But we think the real story of success is their generosity and how we are using this good fortune to help others. Our parents know what it takes to raise a family and to struggle financially, and how hard it is to live by values and to try to pass them on to your children. As grandparents, they still firmly believe that a Catholic education is the best education anyone can receive. Through ESAP, our family is helping provide Catholic education for others.