ESAP Stewards – Future Goals

ESAP-STI-011513-3326_#42_medThe Hubert children and families became stewards of the foundation, of this legacy of love several years ago. The goal is to help every family in need. In 2012 we partnered with the Archdiocese and In 2013 we will expand from 23 to 29 schools.

The values that our father, Butch, received through Catholic education shaped his life and consequently that of our family’s as our parents raised us with the Christian values of working hard and giving back.

Today we, Butch’s children and our families, are the stewards of ESAP.  We can honestly say that it is an honor and a privilege to continue this mission and work with schools and families.

We, the ESAP Stewards, are excited for the future!  With our recent partnership and matching program, we believe that we can grow the program and help many more families.  

Some of our ideas for future growth include:

  • Establish synergistic partnerships with like-minded foundations and donors.
  • Increase the total amount of annual aid dollars available.
  • Include all Archdiocese of Cincinnati schools.
  • Expand financial awards to all elementary grade levels.
  • These are some impressive goals, but we believe that if we all work together the sky is the limit!